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How to work out your ring size:


- The best option is to go into your local jewellers and ask them to check your size- this gives the most accurate information and you get to feel the fit, especially if you have large knuckles etc. Make sure to say thank-you for their service!


- Order a free ring sizing tool from my store  (just pay the shipping). This works as a small reusable "belt" to check your finger size.

- Measure a ring you already wear, place the ring on a ruler and find the inner

diameter. This will correlate to this chart- this is not the  best method, but can work

well enough if the above 2 options arent possible.

Download Size Chart



- I don't offer ring down-sizing on my ready-to-wear rings, but on occasion I can increase it 1-2 sizes if necessary and depending on the ring design. Please contact me to discuss this first. I can always custom make a ring to your unique size!

- Wider ring bands can feel different to thin ring bands so make sure you're measuring a ring that fits well and is a similar band width to what you're wanting to buy.

- Consider your body temperature- When hot, your fingers can swell and when cold they can shrink. 


- Your ring should fit your finger comfortably—snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with some resistance.


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