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Avoid direct contact with perfume, hairspray, body lotion & makeup

Remove (metal) jewellery when swimming, bathing, gardening & exercising

Remove (metal) jewellery before going to bed

Regularly clean (silver) with the provided polishing cloth. If necessary, use a soft toothbrush with handsoap and warm water to remove debris caught in the setting and dry thoroughly. 

Store your jewellery in the pouch or box provided to avoid tangling & scratches

Metals like copper & brass will take on a natural patina over time. This comes as a reaction to air, body oils & ph levels, and contact with other things- it is completely normal and will not harm you. It is a part of their charm to allow the natural patina to develop & darken over time. If you want to bring back some shine, use a polishing cloth.

For carved stone pieces, sometimes if they haven't been worn they can look 'dry'- rubbing in a very small amount of beeswax balm or coconut oil will help bring the stone back to life.

If you wear your carving constantly and it has a braided cord, that cord will get filled with grime and wear it out faster- remove and give it a wash in hot soapy water and allow to dry. Also remember to check the cord for any weak points or breakage and if so, consider contacting Wild Soul Ecelectic for replacement or repair.

Pounamu can be as stong as steel, but it can also be brittle, take care when wearing your jewellery to not bang it against hard surfaces. When you are taking it off, do so on a soft carpeted surface so you dont drop it accidentally on a hard floor.

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