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This reusable ring sizer will give you an accurate way to measure your ring size for FREE- just pay the postage! By using this sizer and letting me know the correct number for you, I can ensure any ring you purchase will fit, or that I custom make to your size. As its reusable, you can work out your size for any finger!


The numbers on these sizing belts are for American sizes, and here in NZ we use alphabetical sizing- however, by telling me your number size I can still use this to convert to your 'New Zealand' Size accuratley. Or you can refer to this chart 


Instructions to use:


1. Clean your hand with room temperature water and then dry it properly

2. Insert the ring sizer end into the buckle and tighten it around the finger you want to size

3. Tighten until it is tight enough not to fall off your finger, but not so tight that it hurts.

4. Extremely Important Step: Clench the finger while the ring sizer is on the finger. The ring sizer may adjust, and that is fine.

5. Without loosening the belt, try to remove the ring sizer and ensure that it can easily slide over your knuckles.

6. Ensure that you carefully read the number on the belt to ensure that you have calculated the correct number (or half number) the arrow is pointing towards.

7. Tell me your number so I can make your custom ring! Or use this belt shape and size to corrolate to the ring sizing chart available for download on the "Ring Sizing Information" page. 


To accurately read the results, it’s essential to identify the full and half numbers marked on the sizer. Full numbers are indicated by whole integers (e.g., 6, 7, 8), while an un-numbered mark represents half numbers. Begin by locating the first number and mark on the ring sizer, then carefully count upwards until the mark that represents your size. By recognizing the sequence of numbers, you can ensure you’re not mistaking a half-size for a full-size or vice versa.


If you have any questions please contact me. 

FREE Ring Sizing Tool


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